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How to Make a Baby by photographer Patrice Laroche and Sandra Denis, the mother of his new baby daughter Justine.

So that’s how babies are made!

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People ask me about my tattoo’s. Two are tribal, all are dragons. I have a total of three tattoo’s now, each a fairly decent size. The two tribal dragons on my legs are placed on the calves. and pretty much cover the whole side of my calve. The first tattoo was the tribal dragon on my outer calve on my left leg. It has the symbol of strength incorporated into it.    

I got that tattoo after I graduated, and a few weeks after my ex Daniel dumped me (due to cheating and another girl). I will admit I didn’t take the break up very well. I cried and cried, became physically ill, couldn’t eat, and only wanted to sleep. Tho after grad, I pulled through it, the tattoo didn’t hurt as much as I thought it was going to. About two hours total it took. This tattoo, it always reminds me that no matter how hard things get, no matter how bad you feel; time will let it pass, it can make you pull through anything. It’s my strength…

My second and third tattoo’s were done within a week of each other. The one on my collar bone was done first, still has yet to be shaded in. It’s of a painting that I did. A mecha dragon. I loved that painting so much yet I ended up selling it. I painted it live, sitting under a tree at a music/art festival. I intend to go back there next year. I was considering getting the rest of the dragon on my back, but I’m not sure yet. In a way my own art is close to my heart. As cheesy as that sounds. The third tattoo I got is of a serpentine dragon with the symbol for dignity incorporated into it. 

Lot have asked why I have gotten all these dragons on me. Personally yes, I do like the overall design that dragons hold. Not to mention that on women they tend to symbolize elegance with strength. However when I was small I had an absurd fascination with dragons. The mystical beasts always caught my eye„ I loved the design, how cool they were. And of course because of that I was teased greatly, and I mean I was just bullied hard over it. I use to cry almost every recess because kids would bully the fuck out of my and tease me. And I was emotionally fragile so.. Do the math. Now I look back and think of how stupid that all was back then. I wear these dragons with pride, and it always reminds me of how I was teased back then and how I have gotten past they’re useless words. In a way, they play multiple meanings to me.

Now I’m asked if I will get more tattoo’s the answer is for sure. I actually want to become a tattoo artist. My next tattoo I’m planning is two flocks of birds, one on the inside of each arm. On my left arm there will be 6 birds in a flock, on the right arm will be 10 birds Each bird will represent a member in my family I’m close to. The left arm is for my fathers side and my right arm for my mothers side. I’m looking forwards to getting it.  I’d like to hear any comments on what others think of this idea for my tattoo.

-Kitten Out


otherwise its just basically holding a spot

\Once payment is received a [paid] will be added beside your name. I’ll try to keep the progress updated

Current Accepted Commissions

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If you are interested send me a note! I’m sure we can debate a reasonable price that fits your needs depending on what you want done

I don’t care for doing background so I wont do them unless payed extra. Most my commissions cost only $20 CAD [extra for more then one character]

*****Most my drawings tend to not be full body. I dislike doing full body but there is an option for if you want full body. I will draw nudity but only if payed extra

Commission (1 Character + white or colored background): $20.00 CAD
\_+Extra character(1-3): $8.00 CAD each (Limit of 3 Characters for this price each)
\_+Extra Character(4+):  $10.00 CAD (This price comes into play after your 3rd extra character) 

+Background (semi-detailed): + $3.00 CAD to the commission
+Fully Body: + $5.00 CAD To the commission

Faceshot (1 Character or 2 halves): $10.00 CAD
\_+ Extra Character (face): $4.00 CAD each

It’s been a few weeks. I stay in a nice basement suite in the city some like to refer to as ‘Hell’s City.” I think that’s ridiculous .. Last time I checked there wasn’t no gang violence and bunch of murders and hard crimes… What am I suppose to be scared of? Vandalism and drama? Right…

My name is Rebecca; though, my internet name is KittenSeitz. I’m fine with being called Kitten…

I don’t know how one can describe themselves in a collection of sentences. I can tell you what I like and what I dislikes but I don’t expect anyone to know what kind of a person I am just yet. I’d like to say to who ever reads this will get to know me better on how I describe people, things I’m going to do and my opinion on certain matters. In a way, my words will show you who I am.

I’d like to say my main interest involves various anime and manga series. I actually have one of those movie collection cases filled with various discs of anime I’ve bought over the years, and a book case that cannot hold the collection of manga i’ve purchased. I think I’m a few books, movies and plush dolls away from an addiction. Anime inspired me to draw more, in the very style of course. That’s why most of my art is in anime style o my Deviantart… Despite how much my father and stepmother don’t seem to like it. Though they expect me to become something in the medical field. Till this summer I’ve tried to follow this, but I don’t think I can become what they want of me. My dad has a new wife and a new kid. He’ll probably go on to please them as I probably never will. Then again, i only lived with them for 2 and a half years. Right now, as crazy as it may sound, i’d like to go into the art of tattooing. Speaking of, I have three tattoo’s all dragons; which I will talk about most likely in another post.

This basement suite is in well, the basement of this one lady’s house. Her name is Bree. Ans despite this being her house, I rarely see or get to speak to her. She’s like a unicorn.

I’ll admit it gets a bit lonely here. I have no cat nor dog, just a bearded dragon named Skittles (who’s extremely grumpy lately) and a leopard Gecko named Shmegal. They don’t do much aside from sit or hide all the time.

Currently I’m single, but that doesn’t mean nothings up. When I talk about boys on here, oh for the love of god when I talk about boys their names are going to be changed. Yea I think that will be awkward if my friends read this or even worse some of he people that I’ll talk about. I mean; let’s let them be anonymous. That way I won’t have to sugar coat things as much. I mean, I’m using this blogging thing to post about real things that go on and how I feel about them.

I’m going to recap the first few things that has happened over the weeks in the next few posts. Stay tuned.

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